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Local Food Pantry

Please see the latest details about our local food pantries.  The pantries are run several times a week at a variety of our centres.  Membership is £3.50 and is paid weekly.

Cranmore Food Pantry, Cranmore & Raylands Community Centre, Cranmore Drive, Belle Isle, LS10 4AW – Tuesdays – 07399 782739

Watsonia Food Pantry, Watsonia Building, Cross Flatts Park, Beeston, LS11 7NA – Wednesdays – 07495 031908

Little Chef’s Family Food Pantry, Middleton Family Centre, 256-262 Sissons Road, Middleton, LS10 4JG – Thursdays – 07508 601337

Beeston Village Food Pantry & Chatty Cafe, Beeston Village Community Centre, Beeston Park Place, Beeston, LS11 8DQ – Thursdays – 07498 734603

Cottingley Food Pantry, Cottingley Community Centre, 115 Cottingley Approach, Cottingley, LS11 0HJ – Fridays – 07399 078968

Call today for your weekly slot.