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My name is David. I’m 31 years old and live in Belle Isle. My mother Margret had a stroke a few years ago making daily and routine travel difficult for her. She can only walk short distances and loses balance in normal car seats , leaning to one side, making the risk of accident highly likely. When I was looking for a service that would take her health considerations into account, HFA Community Transport was like a breath of fresh air, always there when needed. I use HFA Community Transport for doctors appointments, day trips and other events that gives my mother a break from her daily routine. The staff are great, very trustworthy and kind to my mother throughout all her journeys. I find the service very good value for money and unlike a normal taxi service, all drivers will wait for her when needed at no additional cost!. Having used HFA community Transport for over three years now, I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable, friendly and trustworthy transport service for themselves or loved ones.