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Health For All

changing lives – transforming communities

health for all is a Leeds based charity which believes in and works towards a society free from inequality, poverty and isolation. We build communities and facilitate real change in people’s lives. Our vital services work across generations, cultures and ethnicities to bring people together to achieve healthier, happier lives.

  • Work with over 10,000 people
  • Support over 70 small community groups
  • Run six community / family centres

health for all’s response to Covid-19


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People We Have Helped

  • parkash Parkash

    My name is Parkash I am over 80 years old and live in Beeston. Both my children live abroad so I have no immediate family here. I felt so isolated, struggling to cope, unable to get out. Then Yasmin from Health for All came into my life. I shared my worries and concerns and she arranged the Access Bus, a weekly Yoga session and a social worker visit. She discussed the option of sheltered housing and helped me get extra pension benefit. That will pay for transport to attend social activities without worrying about the expense. I told Yasmin “You are the first person to come in to my home to help me; I didn’t even know that someone could help me. You have helped me overcome my sight and hearing problems. You’ve made me aware of what is going on in the community. I had asked God to help me and he sent you. Thankyou.

  • Sarful Sarful

    My Name is Sarful I have 5 children, one with special needs. I joined Kushy Dil Women’s Group when feeling really lonely and overwhelmed, having to find a new home and school places. I had nothing for myself, so joining Kushy Dil was a breath of fresh air, the ‘me time’ I was so craving. I’ve done rock climbing, skiing, karaoke at the Eid parties, all beyond my dreams! I’ve so enjoyed the trips and residential during the holidays for the kids and family, the memories have been truly magical. I feel really happy and confident now, telling other ladies from the community to join in the fun too. I’m now the chairwoman, a real privilege. Everybody says it’s because I talk too much but it’s because I’m passionate about the group! Supported by Thanhmina from HFA Better Together, we’ve just been awarded a two year Postcode Lottery grant for our Bangladeshi women, grandparents and teenagers.

  • Mariana Mariana

    My name is Mariana I’m part of the wonderful Happy Global Families group and the Raising Aspirations project. I come from Moldavia and speak Romanian. I’m a single parent, mother of four. During the Covid-19 pandemic, when our group and Centre were closed, I attended online courses, gaining skills, confidence and support. We learned from each other’s experiences, growing our knowledge from the classes we attended and activities we participated in together. We shared our dreams and future plans, happy and proud of what we have done so far. HFA Raising Aspirations staff arranged loan of a laptop and delivery of weekly food parcels, which helped my family enormously. I’ve updated my CV now and feel optimistic about the future for me and my family.

    We are very thankful to staff at Health for All for all the support and encouragement. Thank you for everything you do!

  • kulwant Kulwant

    My name is Kulwant. I was very depressed after my husband passed away. I was still grieving, kept on crying in my room and would not come out. When Bally from Health for All visited me at home I would not even come to the living room! Gradually I started going out for short walks with her. She increased my confidence, helped me feel comfortable travelling by Access Bus, supporting me to attend a Sumangal BME Seniors group. I am so grateful. These small steps led me to being able to cope and improved my emotional health. I feel so much happier now, I go out and about. I have learned a new way of living life, enjoying attending the group every week. I now volunteer, helping other women like me. People should go out and socialise with other people, make new friends as this will certainly help in building confidence and enjoying life!

  • david David

    My name is David. I’m 31 years old and live in Belle Isle. My mother Margret had a stroke a few years ago making daily and routine travel difficult for her. She can only walk short distances and loses balance in normal car seats , leaning to one side, making the risk of accident highly likely. When I was looking for a service that would take her health considerations into account, HFA Community Transport was like a breath of fresh air, always there when needed. I use HFA Community Transport for doctors appointments, day trips and other events that gives my mother a break from her daily routine. The staff are great, very trustworthy and kind to my mother throughout all her journeys. I find the service very good value for money and unlike a normal taxi service, all drivers will wait for her when needed at no additional cost!. Having used HFA community Transport for over three years now, I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable, friendly and trustworthy transport service for themselves or loved ones.

  • Mr Gia Lang Mr Gia Lang

    My name is Gia Lang I was born in 1943. I live on my own. I was a refugee, coming to the UK following Vietnam war. My divorce left me alone for so long. I tried to overcome my loneliness by walking around. But I worried about myself, finding difficulty sleeping at night. I played puzzles, games to help me fall asleep. I had no real friends or relatives around. I was so fearful of death. Then I joined Health for All Lychee Chinese Red in 2015. I was shy and quiet at first but now I join in, singing the classical old songs, reminding me of my childhood. The Chinese traditional lunch makes me feel at home, part of a family. I write calligraphy with the other older men, play chess, dance and chat. Coming to Lychee Red has made me happy, confident and no longer alone. Thank you!

  • adam Adam

    My name is Adam I live in Middleton with my family. I started coming to The Bridge because I wasn’t enjoying college. I have been coming a long time. It makes me very happy. I was shy at first but have got a lot more confidence now and have made a lot of friends. The staff are great. There is always lots going on at The Bridge and I enjoy everything I do there: sport, cooking, dance and story telling group. I also help out with our Happy Snappy Photobooth at different events. I especially like all the art activities such as painting and making props for drama. Everybody says I am really good and I am very proud of what I can do. My work was in the Beyond Learning Disability Arts Festival 2018 in Leeds.

  • richard Richard

    My Name is Richard After serious heart surgery I chose to retire early and move to Leeds, 90 miles away from my friends. I’ve had a lifelong interest in photography, and before the death of my best friend, used to go out for the day with the cameras and have fun. Then all this came to an end. I had no one to accompany me. I was in an unfamiliar area, with no friends. So despite the many interesting subjects to capture, I was unable to go out on photographic expeditions on my own, especially given my medical condition. Which is where Martin from Health for All came in! My sister- in-law, knowing my situation, gave me a newspaper clipping advertising the photography course. I phoned and the rest as they say is history. Suddenly I had new friends with common interests, somewhere welcoming to go, doing things again, electronics, computers, amateur radio and recycling. I’ve never looked back, companionship is something you cant put a price on. Health for All literally changed my life around.

  • Liu Liu

    My name is Liu I’m a single parent, Chinese young mum of three children and Beeston resident. Setting up Lychee Red Chinese elders project in HFA’s Beeston Village Community Centre led to new friendships. Then we saw the need to help isolated Chinese young parents in the area, leading to ‘Happy Chinese Families’. I love helping other parents, children, older people and the wider community. We have been delivering Zoom support groups and food parcels to isolated elders and families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. A massive heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to Health for All for changing my life since I took the first step into the community centre. I’m proud to serve my Chinese community. Health for All offers a safe, professional and friendly environment, especially for people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. I cannot believe how much I’ve achieved compared to my past life: confidence, happiness, feeling valued.