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Belle Isle Family Centre - a lifeline for Leon and Kelly

For Leon and Kelly Hartshorn Belle Isle Family Centre has proven to be a home from home for them over the past few months.

Leon, from Hunslet, comes to the dad’s group every Saturday afternoon with his four year old boy.

“It’s the only chance I get to see him interacting with other kids.

“It’s good I get to spend quality time with him, and that helps us get closer.

“I like watching him play and running around. I also enjoy making things with him, recently we’ve made hats, kites and pictures together.

“I also get to speak to other dads, so there’s a social aspect to it as well.”

They’ve also attended some of the recent movie nights at Belle Isle Family Centre together.

Mum Debbie said the couple have also received support from worker Emily Godfrey on managing their children’s behaviour. She added: “We’ve learnt different techniques for different situations. Emily is easy to get on with and it has been good - a lot of the techniques really work!”

Leon said staff at Belle Isle Family centre were really helpful: “It’s nice to go somewhere where everyone is  really nice and helpful and friendly.

“They’ve all been great - they’re  always willing to help you out.

“If this place wasn’t here there would be nowhere for us to get together.”

Debbie added: “I don’t know where we’d be without Emily’s support or the one-on-ones we’ve had. They’ve been useful and made a real difference.”

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