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Intensive Family Support case study: Little Chefs and Incred

Little Chefs is proving a real family affair for carer Lesley Fowler, who attends with her granddaughter Lily.

Every Saturday at Belle Isle Family Centre the twosome come and learn how to prepare new dishes with fresh ingredients, cook them  and spend important time together.

Lesley says: “It’s great - last week we made pizza, this week it was burgers and cheesecake.

“It’s good for youngsters to see what goes into making our food, that it doesn’t just come frozen or ready prepared. They learn a lot when they take part in making it.

“There is no home baking like there was years ago when your mum and your gran used to bake.

“It’s all convenience food these days, rather than making something from scratch.

“Little Chefs teaches them domestic skills, kitchen safety and lots about food nutrition itself - and because we’re making things together it brings us both closer together.

“We also bake at home and Lily just loves it - even though she’s only four she’s going on 46!”

Lesley says she also gets to meet other parents/carers: “It’s good to see how others are brought up and it’s good for Lily to meet and socialise with other kids from different backgrounds.”

Lesley also attends the Incredible Years parenting course at Belle Isle Family Centre. She adds:
“It’s a really good course to go on. You learn a lot about yourself and life in general.

“I’m learning new parenting skills as well as child skills and how to handle certain situations.
“You spend a lot of time playing with your children, problem solving and learning how to deal with things if there are any behavioural problems.

“It’s been good to learn how to deal with things in a positive manner.

“Essentially you’re learning from your child and the child is learning from you. Every day you learn something new, whether you’re a child or an adult.

“Being a parent or a carer doesn’t come with a manual, but this course has taught me a lot and I would definitely recommend it to people.”

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